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Experience short-term accommodation at its best.

Our standard inclusions

We provide a full service to our guests meaning you can rest assured our properties are equipped with everything you'll need for a great stay.

Quality-assured cleaning

We cleaned our properties ourselves for many years and ensure our high standards are upheld by every one of our cleaners. 

Attention to detail

We understand how important it is for everything to be perfect, down to the very finest detail, to ensure you have a perfect stay.

Hotel-grade linen and towels

We hire our linen and towels from companies that supply to hotels, and constantly assess the quality, rejecting any imperfection.

Wifi in every property

All our properties have free, and in most cases fast and unlimited, wifi for you to enjoy during your stay so you don’t need to hotspot.

Digital compendiums

Our online guest portal provides help guides for operating everything inside the house, including video guides and QR codes. 

Additional services 

Our guest portal also allows you to purchase items such as highchairs and portacots, and we’re looking to expand these offerings.

Local recommendations

We try to include lots of recommendations of our favourite local cafes, bars, restaurants and shops to help you enjoy your stay. 

Prompt response time

We pride ourselves on responding to your queries in a timely manner, whether by phone, email or chat via our guest portal. 

Fully-equipped kitchen

All our properties have are completely self-contained, with fully equipped kitchens ensuring you can enjoy dinner in!  

Short and medium-term stays

Because our properties are self-contained, they are perfectly suitable for longer-term stays such as for home renovations.

Local friendly service

All our support is provided by local, friendly staff and we are a husband and wife owned and operated business.

Professional management

We have been in the industry for close to 15 years and understand the need to be professional in everything we do.

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